Monday, December 03, 2012

Fall pictures

There is a trail that i run often and every time i run it i have thought "i need to bring the kids here and get some fall pictures" So...ones of the days in October that the kids were out of school we took a little walk on the trail and got a bazillion pictures! Here are the ones that actually had (for the most part) all 4 smiling with their eyes open. This is just no easy task with a point and shoot camera resulting in me taking the bazillion pictures i take and hoping i get some that actually turn out!

Raegan...5years old and quite my little photogenic child. She is loving kindergarten and writes CONSTANTLY! I pretty much exist as a  mom who utters the spelling of words, many, many words!!

they are just plain crazy!

soon to be 14 year old and i am in a little bit of denial that i need to go to the dmv to pick up his book to study so that he can go get his DRIVING permit soon!!! Seriously, the thought of my child driving me around makes me extremely nervous! He still enjoys writing. I often find him in his room at night just sitting at his desk writing stories.

 Our 7 year old who starts basketball practice today and is super excited! I just love how he looks back and waves at me 3 or 4 times on his way into school! He breezes through his spelling tests and so far is not a big fan of math (welcome to the club!!) He thinks his mom is pretty cool when i help him with his challenge spelling words by giving him little ways to remember how to spell them. He was super proud to get the words celebration and decorations right this past week. It made his whole week!

 The start of this trail is less than a mile from my house and i never even knew about it until i started running with the local running club last January. It is now one of my favorite running routes that i frequent!

Our almost 12 year old! This first year of middle school has been her cup of tea. She is quite the social girl (takes after her dad in this area) and has made a lot of new friends this year. She loves changing classes and says it makes the day go so much faster! One of her teachers at conferences told me "does she always have a smile on her face, she is quite the social girl but does not let that get in the way of her studies" Hope that continues!

You know there are days when these four just drive me so crazy! They all tend to talk to me at the same time and i feel like a broken record sometimes saying..."i CANNOT listen to everyone at once!! This is especially bad when they all get in the car after school and then arguments break out over who is the longer winded talker....BUT...i am so extremely blessed!! These four healthy kids bring so much joy to our home!

I am seeing my oldest two get along so much better being in middle school together and having more to talk about...and be goofy together...the other day they were walking down the hill to the car (they walk  from the middle school to the elementary car line) all of a sudden Avery just collapsed and flew to the ground dropping everything but then they both busted up laughing...Trey had dared her to do it...all of those days of fighting like cats and dogs seem to be less and less!

I tell them that some day they will like having these pictures and they look at me like i am crazy, but deep down i think they know i am right because momma is always right! Right?!


Journaling My Journey said...

What a wonderful blog and pictures! Your work will have lasting value and will be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Michelle said...

Great pictures! Now you need to have someone else go with you on those trails so you can get pictures of you and John with the kids! :)