Thursday, September 06, 2012

Raegan turns 5

Raegan had a fun morning before school on her birthday. Grandma Seaba came over to see her and brought her a cute dress and sweat shirt. The girl loves cute clothes so this of course made her day!

 Then after school Grandpa and Grandma Neir came through town and stopped with her can see the excitement on her face...

 when she opened her "just like me" American Girl doll!

 We then rushed off to Chuckee Cheese...just like last year we had a back to school night to get to so went early and had the place mostly to ourselves

 I think my older ones have just as much fun there as my younger ones

 Chuckee came out to visit the birthday girl

 "take the picture mommy!"

 Happy 5th birthday to our sweetie!

 Chuckee was lovin on the 13 year old too

 another Barbie because we certainly don't have enough of those...

 Mommy and Avery played a game that just kept shooting out 45 tickets at a may or may not have been stuck and i may or may not have kept playing it until the kids had a ton of tickets...or the machine ran out of tickets...yep that's what happened first.

 and then i tucked in a very tired little five year old... Happy Birthday Raegan we love you so much and can't believe you are already 5 years old. You are such a sweet little girl!


Barbie said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Raegan! Looks like she had a great 5th birthday :)

grammaneir said...

You are a sweetie Raegan and you are looking more and more like your big sister - cannot believe it. So cute! It was fun to see you on your birthday too - we don't always get to do that. Love you!