Friday, February 10, 2012


Haven't had much to blog about the last week or so. Just been keeping busy with life in general! Between my two jobs and John's hours, plus side jobs that he is still working on it seems like we just never slow down!

I have always been one to be always on the go. I never used to want to stay home. Now, i crave a night at home with absolutely nothing to do! Anytime we get one of those nights we take full advantage...i'm still waiting on one!

Here are some random pictures that i have snapped over the last week...the only pictures i have taken in the last week so it wasn't hard to choose...

Daddy helped Ethan with one of his 100th day of school projects. 100 cheerios!

I came in to our room last night and saw this. I thought it was pretty sweet... they were watching a Star Wars cartoon...

Raegan, Raegan Raegan...and all her "messes"! Beside the nickname "tornado" she has also become "the bag lady" Any empty container, bag box, laundry basket, item that holds things she will fill up with "stuff" quicker than you can blink! We always know where to look for missing items. They are usually packed into one of her bags! She usually is the culprit of all things missing around the house and many times will take us right to it but a lot of times just can't seem to remember what she did with it! One of my biggest pet peeves is clutter and all of her bags of stuff to me = clutter so i don't handle it quite as well as i should and empty them just as fast as i can. I do allow her to have one little bag of "stuff by her bed so i have started just consolidating all things from other bags into that bag.

Please tell me i am not the only one who cannot keep my couch pillows the one place they belong! They are CONSTANTLY on the floor and it drives me batty! They are weapons, stepping stones, parts of name it!

Well i am off to help supervise Raegan to clean up her mess...she get's very overwhelmed and says "but i need help". I remember Avery going through this stage and having to teach her to just do one thing at a time. Avery does super at cleaning now so there is hope for my little bag lady!

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Val said...

Ohmygosh, Bella is exactly the same way with the bags of stuff (or treasures!) it drives me insane because everything has a place, and trying to find something in one of her many bags takes forever! Now she's getting Deacon hooked on bag-stuffing!

And yes, I fix the couch cushions multiple times daily!