Monday, February 13, 2012

Big Sis/Little Sis

We had to make a trip to the mall tonight to pick up a little something for some 13 year old who may or may not have a valentine this year. Avery was being extremely sweet with her younger siblings and wanted to spend some of her money on them.

We stopped by the store that is any 11 yr old girl's dream...Claire's! She bought Ethan a light up bouncy ball and she bought her and Raegan necklaces with a heart that fit together. Her part says big sis and Raegan's says little sis.

The best part of the night for me was watching Raegan on the escalators. It is so obvious we don't frequent the mall since that girl was born! Oh and next best was her little stop off at the Abercrombie little "porch" while she took the opportunity since the music was loud to "get down" and dance!

We then came home and got the kid's valentines ready to take to school. I really like nights like tonight! All except for the late night homework that neither Avery nor Mom understands...thank goodness for relatives that are good at math...this time we made a late night call to Grandpa Neir and he saved the night from complete melt down disaster! Thanks Grandpa!


Val said...

31 years old and still love Claires!! :)

I just saw a big sis/l'il sis necklace in a magazine and loved it! I'm going to get them for the girls some day.

Barbie said...

What a sweet picture of your girls :) They're going to be the BEST of friends!

grammaneir said...

How sweet Avery. Love the picture too. I hope you two will always be the best of friends and that you'll always be the best big sister in the world to both Ethan & Raegan. Love you all!