Monday, January 06, 2014

Trey's 9th grade cross country season

Trey joined the cross country team for his freshman year. They ran every day after school. The longest days being their 10 mile runs getting the kids conditioned.

Avery was my sidekick at his meets, she would time him so that i could get pictures and most of the time that meant running around to different parts of the course to cheer him on.

He trained very hard and by mid season the coach had him running with the varsity runners and were encouraging him by telling him he had great potential! It fueled him and he ran hard in practice and in meets.

He was consistently running in the 19 min range 5ks but really wanted to get under 19 minutes. 

His personal best for his freshman year was 19:14. He didn't get that 18 min 5k, but i have no doubt he will this next year!
He never ran the varsity races as they ran the top 7 runners and he was the 8th so he still ran junior varsity in the races.

He had no idea he was going to letter varsity this year so was thrilled when he did! We were very proud of him! Way to go Trey!

He is now doing winter training and conditioning getting read for track and field. He was going to go out for swimming this year but changed his mind and decided he just wants to concentrate on running.

He got invited to go to South Dakota with some of the other varsity runners for the Nike Cross Country Heartland Regionals. It was a great experience for him and he had a lot of fun!

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