Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jogathon 2012

The elementary school that my kids attend only does one main fundraiser each year. They hold a jogathon. I feel like i have been going to jogathons for years now...well, i guess i kinda have!

 The above picture cracks me up. Raegan is most likely the youngest in the class and she has a couple of girls that really "mother" her of at least did in the past. I think she is getting a little more confident in this kindergarten thing these days so it maybe doesn't happen quite as much but it was sweet!

 Raegan ran her little heart out and bracelets/lap counters!

 She wanted mommy out there running with her so i joined her for a lot of it.

 She is on Spirit squad that they have for all the girls this year. They practice on Wednesday afternoon and then have multiple performances throughout the year. She loves it! They performed at Jogathon. It was pretty darn cute. I was going to try to video the little dance but my camera was being hunted down during it.

 After pre-k and kindergarten went it was first grades turn to take the field.

 Ethan ran hard the whole time. He is quite the little go getter when it comes to running...cracks me up!

 He had lot's of band to show for his running!

 Good job Ethan and Raegan on another year of jogathon!

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grammaneir said...

Ethan & Raegan, You did a great job! I have a feeling that your mama & daddy have some fast running children. Keep up the good work.