Friday, June 22, 2012

Hilton Head 2012- post 2

We spent much of the week playing in the sand

 the whole family...i dug a lot of holes, that was the duty i was given. I would say it counted as an arm work out!

 We went on a dolphin watching cruise. 

 We did see quite a few dolphins

 We drove to Savannah, GA for the day one of the days and visited Market Street.

 The kids got to watch on ocean liner head back out to sea which they thought was awesome
We did a little souvenir shopping

 Trey bought his little sis a souvenir penny....he get's one from every where we go that has one of these so i think he has quite a collection of these pennies 

 the hot tubs...aka- my kids favorite pools! We spent a lot of time in the hot tubs. This one was outside our room but there were several around the resort. The rule was "we act like calm relaxing kids when others get in the hot tub with us but when we are alone you can go back to using the hot tub as our own little heated swimming pool...snorkeling, doing under water summersaults"...thankfully most of the ones that joined us in the hot tubs brought their own little hooligans right along with them to join ours so they pretty much got to enjoy the hot tub how they liked most of the time.

 Towards the beginning of the week we ate out at Applebees and the manager gave us some free miniature golf tickets.
I have no idea why Trey feels a bit distracted here... i'm pretty sure his comment was "really guys??"

 Raegan went with the four year old style of miniature golfing..."get the ball in the hole by any means necessary" she was usually a hole ahead of us and every time she came to announce how many it took the numbers started with 5 and went up to about 30 something...

 John and Trey were the closest competition for each other 

 This outdoor grilling and game area by the pool was awesome! I won't brag on cough myself and mention who happens to be the ping pong and Foosball champion of the family.

 If you have younger kids please tell me our family is normal having the room key be the biggest "whose turn is it" of the week!!?? These two were always at it...

 This was our last day on the beach. It was extremely cloudy and cool and windy but we were determined to spend the last day that we were able to at the beach as planned.

 The sun did finally come out but not soon enough for Raegan.

 From the time we mentioned going to the beach Raegan talked about being buried in the sand as a mermaid.   We have pictures of Avery the same way that she had seen. I need to dig those out for comparison! If John thought he was only going to bury Raegan, he was wrong...

 He had to dig quite the hole to bury this big boy...

 This one took a while too...

 and last but not least...oh no, Avery!

To be continued...

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Anonymous said...

We love HHI..we have been vacationing there (In the Marriott resorts) for the past decade. We are headed to the Barony in about 2 weeks :)