Saturday, January 13, 2007

9 Weeks

I am 9 weeks today and so far everything is going good! Nausea has kicked in full force. For a few weeks it was on and off but mostly in the afternoon. Now it is all day long. Hopefully if this pregnancy is anything like my others i only have 3 weeks left of the nausea. I laid in bed today most of the day while Johnny took care of cleaning the church for me. Nothing ever sounds good to eat but i know if i eat something i will feel better for a little while. There have been a couple times when something in particular sounds really good. The other day it was Long John Silvers (i know, nasty greasy) and today it was Arby's (we don't have an Arby's anywhere close to us), so i settled for chicken noodle soup:). My next appt is the 25th of this month so i'm hoping we are able to hear a heartbeat that day and give me peace of mind that everything is really ok. I tend to worry because of our prior problems, even though i know it is all in God's hands!

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